Coming SOON!

Isn't it amazing how this summer weather sort of snuck up on us?  I am loving all of it but the humidity.  It's been a busy Spring so far and I am looking forward to meeting a number of new clients soon.  You know, each time I work with a new client I am struck with the realization that everyone has a story.  That and how darn gorgeous my clients are!!

I have a number of sessions approaching, a cowgirl, a two year old, a big family, a momma to be and the list goes on!  Keep watch for some sneak peeks in the next few weeks, and if you haven't yet, head on over to to check out the new web page!

It's Wednesday - halfway to the weekend!

Peace, Lee-Ann

ps.  can't have a post without a photo, now can I?  This is Big Red waiting for his Ice Cream this week down at the Dock - for sure a summer delicacy!   Ooohh, this would make an excellent place for a photo shoot...


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