Welcome Wee Babe! Leamington and Surrounding Area New Born Photographer

I walked into the house and started to perspire.   It wasn't hot - I was 'on'.  You know that feeling right before a race, right before you give that big speech, right before you go into labor?  That kind of 'on'.  Babies are tough customers.  And as a mom, I know how important it is to get perfect images of your newborn.  The newborn stage is fleeting, the newborn stage is exhausting.  Things get forgotten in the mix of diapers, feedings, visitors...

So my goal, is to capture those little bits of baby that will help trigger those fleeting memories for momma.  The teeny details, like hair swirls, and scrunched up stretches and soft wrinkles of skin...I had two hours,  took a deep breath, and got down to work.

But really how can I call getting to cuddle a newborn girl work, seriously?!  I LOVED ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGE MOMENT.  And can't wait to work with another newborn again, soon!

Enough about me...this is supposed to be about Baby M.  What a feminine beauty.  Dad wasn't home, but I can guess just by looking at her, that he's been wrapped around a certain someone's little baby finger.  Completely.

Oh, and her little bro, he's smitten, too.  When he's not busy doing the things little boys do to fill his day!

Welcome to the world, little one.  We wish you many joyful memories built and a full and wondrous life.



  1. This post gave me the tingles. I love how you express yourself in your blog and in your photography... :)

  2. ummm, did you just put up a new blog??? Well I like it! Thank you for the comment on my blog the other day. :)
    Blessings to you in all your photog adventures.

  3. Thanks Tracey and Jenn! Your encouragement means the world!


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