Toddler O

Meet O.  He's fast, he's giggly, he's curious, and he's VERY hard to get still to catch him on 'film'!  But his laugh, makes it worth the effort.  Totally.

I was lucky enough to photograph his whole family a few days earlier and had such a good time meeting everyone.

Since we're here, how about I show you a couple more images I managed to wrangle out of him...they're CUTE!

See?  I wasn't bluffing!

Nice to meet you O, and I can't wait to see you biking around the neighborhood in years to come!



  1. Your blog looks great! Your photography is wonderful and so fun. I love the light you captured.

  2. Abby, Thanks for your kind words and your visit! I have to hop on over to your blog's been too long!!!


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