Winter Wonders ||Leamington and surrounding area Photographer

It feels like and eternity since I was over here posting images...and boy does it feel good to be back!

This morning I awoke to a bleak and gray winter morning sky...not the one I had imagined for the photosession I had planned.  I was expecting sun bursts and back lighting in the sparkly snow!  Alas, as an artist, I tend to be able to find the beauty in just about anything, and where I can't find it, I create it.

Today, I had the help of two lovely young ladies!  They are trendier than I, more hip than I, and way more willing to jump off a fence than I!

Thank you so much for working with me today M & A!  I had a wonderful time, even as the snow soaked us to the bones...I usually don't post so many images from sessions, but I have a feeling these girls will want to share these with their friends ASAP!

Thanks so much for stopping bye!!