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I have been thinking about hosting & sharing with you some of the wonderful people (mostly women) who have inspired me to learn more about my camera, photographic art and business.  Today marks day one of Meet-Up Mondays

Today's Meet-Up Photographer is Lisa Heuer of Lisa Heuer Photography.  Be sure to visit her all over the web and leave her some LOVE!  I have learned so much about business from this gal, and you can tell just by looking at her images how much energy she brings to her sessions!

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 Lisa, can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a desert rat, trying to serve in the trees.  : )  I dream of being surrounded by my kids, my grandkids and my loved ones, cherishing the books-the images that have been captured throughout this life I live, telling stories about, "back in those days..."  Do you think anybody will care about my photos?  or just me?  Either way, having memories makes me happy.

City/Country of business (or place you call home)?   I live in Kirkland, WA but I still travel to AZ for photoshoots in the late fall/early spring (before it's too hot)!  Its a good excuse to see the place I call "real home".

How did you get in to photography?  What inspired you?  My camera inspired me.  My husband likes gadgets and bought a good camera-one of the first Canon Rebels.  He was excited about the new wave with digital photography and just had to have one.  He later took another step up and bought a 40D.  I have been the "photographer" for a long time simply because I was the one documenting life for me, my family and my friends.  I have always loved photography and started taking classes to see what I could do with all those controls on that fancy camera that my husband bought.  Turns out, I like a little more control.  :)

How long have you been shooting?  I can't remember a time that I wasn't.  I have always kept a camera very close by.  Shooting as a business... 3 years.

Favourite Subjects to photograph? Why Well, I am finding that I love high school seniors because they WANT to be there.  Fashion, friends, hair, clothes....  they love it all.  BUT I really love everything EXCEPT newborns.  I want interaction, laughter, reality, etc.  Newborns just sleep.  All I can do with a newborn is bundle her in real cute textures.  I love the newborn shots and admire those who do it well.  Its just not for me and my camera.  I also love to capture something unique in the world we live in. 

Type of camera you use? Favourite lens?  Canon baby.  I have some great Canon lens and if you ask my my favorite I couldn't answer.  Honestly.  Whatever I need at the moment becomes my favorite.  Haven't you heard the term, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with!"   I have a 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, 16-35mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, and 70-200mm f2.8.  I love them all!  Today, my favorite is my wide... 16-35mm but that's because I used it to get shots of my daughter practicing her violin and it was what I needed.  Canon is all I know-its all I have ever shot with.  I hear Nikon is good but oh well.  My dad shoots with Nikon.  : )

Studio or Natural Light? why? Both?  Both are needed and both are good.  I am learning that light is light-who cares where it comes from.  The main idea is to learn how to use it properly.  I would rather be able to use them both-whatever is available-then know how to add to it instead of limit myself to one type.  But, ya know... then you have to carry more equipment.  I'm just sayin'.

How do you manage being a business woman, and a mom?  Words of advice for those moms who are considering starting up a photography business? Or maybe those already in it!      As a mom, I have to set clear boundaries and they sound something like this, "Do not open this door when I am on the phone or we will not go to the park when I am done."  For real, my kids need to appreciate and respect my work and my clients need to respect that I have a family.  There is no perfect way to make it magical.  I have to stop working in the late afternoon otherwise I feel that I am missing out on my kids' lives... the lives that are so important to me.  The business side of business takes more time than the photography side.  For moms considering a business here is my advice... take pictures of your kids and sell them.  : )  I enjoy working and I enjoy the business.  Business and photography are my passions but being a good mother is too.  You can't be all of it all the time.  Two words for you.... TIME BLOCK.  It is the way of being intentional with your time and sticking to it.  Schedule the things you want to do (play with the kids, answer phone calls, reply to emails, photograph, edit, go for a walk, etc.) so you can get real with your time.  Block the time.  Stick to the block!

Biggest challenges for you in this industry?  I think the only thing constant in this industry and in life is change.  It is always changing but at least we can expect that... it WILL change.

Where do you look for inspiration?   I have some photographers that inspire me-the way they use light and mood, texture and color.   BUT mostly I am inspired when I learn.  When I am feeling lame and boring and lack of talent, I try to learn something new.  Inevitably, something opens up and I have ah-hah moments and I get excited about trying something new. BUT then, the problem is that I dislike everything I have done because it isn't up to par with what I just learned.  It is my constant desire... to learn more!  I love to learn about all things-not just photography.

Where would we find you when your not busy taking pictures?  
Playing with the pictures I took.  : ).  I love to sit outside on a sunny day, I love to camp, I love to kayak and I love to go bra shopping with friends.  If you have ever watched Oprah, you would know that having a good bra is super important and most women are wearing the wrong size!  Want to go bra shopping with me?  {SIde note::Lisa, I just visited one of her Bra-specialist's Intimacy stores in the States A-Mazing!}

One thing to say to someone heading out and buying a DSLR? 
Buy the one I have for sale... that 40D I mentioned earlier!   OR, if you are too slow and it has sold then I would say WHAT are you buying it for?  How about just hire me to take the photos for you?  Save your money and pay me instead.  Ok, for real... if you are not going to be a professional photographer there are some prosumer versions that are excellent (this is the same conversation I was having with my husband when he wanted a bigger better more capable DSLR then the Rebel we had).

There you have it folks!  Lisa Heuer!  Thanks so much for spending all that time answering my questions, and for sharing some of your work with us!  Please, head over to her web page, like her on Facebook and spread the word about Monday Meet-Ups!

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  1. great write're awesome Lisa (and you too Lee-Ann)! :)

  2. :) Thanks Michelle! Can't wait to see where this series takes us!

  3. I loved reading this and seeing her pics. What a fabulous idea!


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