Sweet Sweet Elise, her Super Hero Bro Max and Momma Extraordinaire! ||Natural light photographer serving South Western Ontario

A year ago, I had the pleasure of photographing momma while Baby was still in her belly.

See here.

Before she knew it, Momma was welcoming a sweet Baby girl into her world.

And sweet, she was, so teeny, so beautiful.

Just like we expect it to, time seems to pass quickly.  However, looking back, we never see how much our kids change as we're in the thick of it all, and without realizing it, the Baby stage passes, too!  Big Brother grew right along with her,and I hear he loves her with his whole heart.  He's often a little shy around my camera, or focused on much more important things, like smarties!  Don't you just love his priority set?  I'm going to begin carrying Smarties with me where ever I go - they make everything better.  Right Max?

I am please to introduce to you the cutest, most lively little one year old gal I have yet to meet, and the best Big Brother, who gives the best hugs and kisses to his Baby Sis.

(Momma might just see how much he's grown up in the above image)

Thank you for sharing your kids with me again, Laura! 

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