Lessons Learned || Leamington and Surrounding Area Natural Light Photographer

I was trying to be efficient and organized and accidentally deleted ALL of the images on this blog.  Hy head hurts thinking about all of the time it will take to get it all put back together.  It's busy time around these parts, with my 4 kids home for the summer, and many sessions and other activities planned over the next while.  Please, check back every so often to see what's being showcased!

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a couple who are very much in love.  In fact, they have been in love for a very long time!  Decades.

I watched giggling and hand holding and cheek kissing...did my cynical heart good!  

Here's a couple of images from our time together.  You can also see a feature gallery over at Ginger Snaps!   if you can't get enough here.  ;)

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