Playing with the Light

Just a little reminder that MOST of the images from this blog were accidently deleted recently.  I am looking at the beginning of the school year as the first time I will have to address this!  With four kids around the house, I am bound to moving forward right now - current client edits, photo sessions etc.  Once I have a few extra moments, I will head backwards and re-post the lovely images of past clients and events!  Thank you for understanding!!

This evening I HAD to get outside with my camera.  I realized that most of my camera wielding lately had to do with work.  Although there is absolutely no complaining on my part about that - I do need to fill up my 'completely for me creative tank' every now and again.

The light was golden/orange and was just setting in the evening sky when I ran home, gathered my camera and lenses and ran out the door with M.  She's such a good sport!  Especially when we label it 'girl's night out' which almost definitely includes a stop somewhere fun after we're done. 

Tonight was no exception!  We went down to Burgesses, the local ice cream joint, and had a little treat!  Super cool?  Yes!  Because I found a five dollar bill at my feet, and used that to pay for our cones!  Awesome, eh?

I'm a chatter box tonight.  Whoa!  Time to post the results of our Light Catching Adventure;

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