Total Recall | Pelee Island Women's Retreat 2011

A quick visit to the web page and you will see just what drew dozens of us to the island for Total Recall.

With a theme like courage, how can you go wrong?  We all came with open hearts and open minds hoping to learn new things, meet new people and to grow.  We had the opportunity to eat fantastic food, to try out holistic healing modalities, and dig deep into our intuition.

This is the first 'event' that I was privileged to cover with my camera in hand.  There were other women there sharing their gifts with us so freely, in a way that only kindred spirits can.  If you were there and would like to add links to your web pages and blogs, please do so!  Add them to the comment section, or send me a note and I will add them to this post.

Here are just a few of the images I was able to capture throughout the weekend.

Thank you to Ann Marie Fortner of Explore Pelee for all of her hard work and dedication in organizing this wonderful event.  As well, as a huge thank you to the founding mothers who had a vision and created Total Recall nine years ago!