I'm pretty lucky...leamington and surrounding area natural light photographer

I say I'm pretty lucky because I got to head out for a family trip to visit my friends out in Winnipeg!  Not only did I get to go for a visit/vacation, but I got to attend the wedding of my dear friend Theresa and the love of her life. 

What's kind of cool is that he is an accountant type guy, and so is my husband!  The best man's speech was focused around accounting principals and how they could be applied to marriage.  I learned quite a bit about the way accountants think!  I found myself sitting there wishing my husband was there listening with me, so we could get a chuckle out of what was being shared.  And of course to enjoy the yummy food peppered with the Asian influences of The happy couples years of travel.

Theresa asked if I would bring along my camera and document the reception and dance and the details of the evening.  More than happy to oblige, I documented the events!

Thank you for the wonderful time at your special event!!  Wishing you many years of Blessings and JOY!!

I love you both :)

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