Seacliff Beach Fun

I looked up and saw the golden hour slipping way from me!  Looking around me, I made a quick decision.  I started to beg my kids to rush and get their shoes on, get in the van!  We're gonna miss it!!

Needless to say, I was a bit impatient, and I probably could have been taken a minute or two to breath.  But, we got down to the beach just in time.  The kids promptly kicked off their shoes and started playing with the water and wet sand.  It never fails to amaze me what comes out of their imaginations, and it's an inspiring thing to watch.  Makes me wish sometimes that I took the time to 'play' more often, too.

This adventure down to the water front produced some fun images, not my best work, but I don't think the anxiety I felt to get down there was about producing my best.  It was really my soul calling out 'get your act together!  find your way to a place that makes you feel free!  get that camera of yours out already!!'

Of course, the kids had a bit of a treat for their good efforts.  A stop at the corner convenience store produced some yummy iced treats.  Can't wait for more of these trips to come this summer.