Why I do What I Do. Leamington and Surrounding Area Natual Light Photographer

Have I told you I'm a mom?  I'm actually a mom to four awesome kids.  Don't be fooled, we have our moments...my kids climb on things they shouldn't, they get dirty and so does my floor the walls and my microwave.  We have giggles and sibling arguments.  We are a real family.

          (see? ripped jeans and silly faces...but I LOVE what this reminds me of, a fun road trip
                                                            with the gang!)

                    I get the silly shots, and they even humor me occasionally for a nice portrait!

Bet you're wondering why I'm telling you about my family, aren't you?  Well, the fact is, I want you to know that when you book me to work with, I'm NOT expecting a perfect family to show up!  What I DO expect, however, is for your REAL family to show up.

I don't expect your kids to listen right away, or to stay clean, or to 'say cheese' (please NO cheese!).  I expect them to be a little uncomfortable with me at first, I expect that you will probably be a little frazzled from working so hard to get there on time.  

Moms, get those kiddies dressed up like an Old Navy Ad!  Absolutely!  But when you get here, and your kids are acting a little bit nutty, (they ALL do!)  I'll probably just laugh along with them, then go about my business of getting those memories on film for you.  You know the ones.  The wide laughing faces, that snarky little smirk on your toddler's face that will be the exact same smirk 10 years from now, when I (hopefully!) get to take your family portraits again.

And do you know what you'll say?  'Ahh.  I MISS those days.  My kids grew up too fast...'  Or when your new grad heads off to University, and you watch them wave at you quickly before heading off to the great unknown, you'll walk into your home and see the family portrait collage, the giant canvas wrap, or the album on your coffee table of our time together.  You won't remember how frazzled you were getting everyone ready for the session.  You'll remember that your kids warmed up to me, that your family felt at ease, and that there was a bunch of silliness and laughter.  And especially, how glad you are to have those images to remind you of that time in your lives.

 Because, I don't expect perfect families on the other side of my camera, I expect REAL ones, like my own.  And I'll be doing my best to preserve that for you, because I'm a mom, too.  I know how fast time flies, and I'll do a great job for you, because I know in my own heart that those moments are fleeting, and that they are precious, and that you deserve only the best from  me.

 Please, find me on FACEBOOK and if you haven't yet my WEB PAGE and give me a call!  I have fabulous Spring Minis coming up - get in on the great deal while the spots last!

I look forward to working with you!



  1. awwwww lee-ann! you had me in tears throughout this post!!! great, GREAT job!!! great writing too! (sniff!)


  2. Holly, Thank you so much for your feed back! I've had some crazy changes in my life and am really very sad to not have some 'whole family' photos for my kids. It's so important!


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