Where in the World Did I Get the Name Ginger Snaps?

I have had a number of people approach me lately about the name of my business.  I always get great reactions when I hand out my Mini Moo business cards as they are super cute and have a fantastic texture.  But when they read the name of my business, I always get a SMILE.

Then the inevitable question, "Where did you get that from?"

So, here's the explanation!

One day I read an article about this National Ginger Day in Dublin.  It happened to be around the time I was trying to figure out a name for my business.  I fell in LOVE with the word 'ginger'.  It has special meaning to me, after all!   My son is a 'Ginger'!  That was IT.  I knew I needed to have that word in my business name.

As a photographer, it would make sense to use a word that would tie it all together, and my sister Lisa came up with the SNAP piece.  Get it?  Snap?  Like snapping a picture?
(This is Lisa, she's a teacher in Calgary now...TONNES of energy, and of course creative.)

Ya, kinda exciting, eh?  Needless to say, I love the name I chose, and it seems to stick in people's minds pretty nicely.  It's so fun to have a new acquaintance say, 'Hey!  I remember that name!  I've heard it recently!'

So there you have it!  How I came up with the name for my business.