Baby on the WAY! Leamington and Surrounding area Natural Light Photographer

Recently, I had a bit of fun with a good friend, who also happens to be a photographer.  Her husband was a good sport about it, I have to say!   I just loved this session...

 Taking pictures of a mom soon to be, always holds a bit of nostalgia for me...first baby, young love, adventures yet to come...I remember those days...

 When I had my kids, maternity photography wasn't as big as it is now, and I admit it, I have some horrendous images of my giant belly from really BAD angles.  Sandra started out beautiful, so getting those pretty shots, wasn't too difficult!  :)  It helps that she knew why I was laying on the ground, or saying 'wait! one more!' then taking about 10 more shots.  (thanks for that, Sandra!)

Something about fruit and pregnancy.  I think they go together nicely!

 One day, when they are heading into the season of sending their kids off to university(or jr kindergarten!!), I bet the two of them will be hauling out the photo album and reminiscing about this photo shoot.  They'll probably say things like, 'where did the time go?!  I thought we'd have more time!  Awww, look how young we were, we didn't have a clue, did we?'  Actually, I say those things, now, and my kids are 12 and under.  Time flies.  Be careful how you spend it, kids grow quickly, and they age you when they do it!  In GOOD WAYS - I mean it!!

 Just something about the way he looked at her.

Faith in your partner, faith in yourself, these things make for great parenthood.  <3

Best wishes on your journey, Sandra and Jonathan!  You are a beautiful couple, in all the right ways, you'll be making some lucky kids a couple of great parents!!

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