Freckles and Braids

My longtime dream of having a pool in the backyard has come true this summer.  Me and the kids dug and lugged and sweat.  Helpers by way of family, friend and neighbour pitched in their various resources in an effort to help see this dream a reality.  Me and my kids are blessed.  We are HAPPY.

I am the 'pool mom' now.  You can see me shopping for things that can be eaten at the pool side, meals are hours off of schedule - the the dismay of my growing 12 year old son - the house is a disaster.  BUT we are freckled and tired at the end of the day from splashing and playing and racing and floating...

And speaking of freckles.  I have millions.  Over my lifetime, I have sort of worn them as a badge.  Not everyone has them, you know.  I'm fair and burn easily.  And 4 of my 4 my kids have been graced with a spattering of them across their noses and cheekbones, some LOADS, others just a fair fair few.  Whee Hoo!

Of course with all of the swimming we've been doing, no amount of sunscreen will stop the sun from harvesting these delightful, reddish brown spots across the little laughing faces of my kids.  I LOVE FRECKLES.  They make these kids mine!  (I'm adopted, so discovering familial traits in my kids that I passed down means something to me on a level I can't really explain to myself or anyone else for that matter.)

One of my kids is a Ginger.  Red hair, pink skin.  So many freckles it looks like his tan had the hiccups, showing only a small spot of pink skin here and there on his cheeks.  ADORABLE.  The boy in my twin set has a tan.  NOT my skin, but he does have freckles, too!!  Eldest, not so many freckles, but there ARE some :)

My dear sweet daughter has been said to look like her momma.  Personally, I think she's beautiful, and I'm not sure how much she really looks like me, but her freckles absolutely do!

I've been in the pool right along side these kids and every time she and I have been face to face, my fingers start getting trigger happy, and I want to run after my camera.  Finally, last evening, it happened!

Scrambling into the house, I hauled her off to the side and started snap snap snapping. Her messy braids were hanging just so.  Her eyelashes heavy from a long day of summer business, her freckles nice and bright.

xxoo, my dear.



  1. haha! i still giggle every time i see your header pic! that little tyke is a SCREAM!! HA!

    anyhoo... must comment. ;D these portraits are lovely... that first pic... my fave. stellar use of the B&W, DOF, etc... way to go. xo.


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