Long Time Friends|| Leamington Ontario and Surrounding Area Natural Light Photographer

I recently heard that Laura, the youngest in her family of 6 kids, was moving out West to follow three of her siblings already living out there.  We started to chat about her goals and how this was a fresh start - and a leap of faith on her part that the best is yet to come!

Since she's lived in this area most of her life, she's been lucky enough to have cultivated some really good friendships.  Hours and hours of Friends, The Bachelor, and other TV shows hanging out in the parent's basement, to more recently creating homes of their own and new traditions of meeting up for a beer after a long day at work, have only served to tighten the bond.

To mark this big occasion, they decided that they wanted to celebrate this time in their lives by having a photo shoot.  I was lucky enough to be the one they contacted and last night we met up at the beach!

It was clear by their banter that they were going to miss one another - but also, that their friendship would stand the test of time and that they would be meeting up soon enough!

Here's what we got!

Bon Voyage, Laura!


  1. I LOVE that last shot of the three of them!! Adorable!

  2. Lee-Ann, I love this session! What a beautiful documentation of a friendship - and what a great keepsake!

  3. so sweet! and what memories of their close friendship :)


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