Product Updates!! Leamington Family Photographer Essex County and Surrounding Areas

I had a bit of fun photographing some of the products I offer through Ginger Snaps! today.  Here are some images for you to look at.  A helpful hint for images framed, mounted or canvases is to go BIGGER than you initially think you should.  Images get lost on walls.  You want your photos to stand out as ART on your walls!  After all, you look GREAT in them.  Often times choosing a collection of images and arranging them in an artful collage creates the look of a larger statement piece and this can create an incredibly beautiful look for your home!

For albums, there are so many things you can choose to make them your own, that no two will ever look the same!  From the covers to the paper types to the custom designing...personalized ALL the way!

Here are three albums at three different price points made for clients this year.  It's always best to hold the samples in your hands and to flip through them to see how the texture of the pages and the weight of the album feels.  The leather bound albums smell SO GOOD!  

Of course there are more products!  And these are available to see in person at your ordering session!

Have a fantastic day!!