PodCasts and New Ways of Thinking About Old Things

While working at my desk this morning, I put in the earbuds and tuned into a podcast. I've started really enjoying listening to conversations that expand my current thinking on a wide variety of topics. Take a listen to this one if you've gone through a divorce, are single and looking for a mate, are married and lost...Ester Perel reframes the history and dramatic changes of the structure of marriage, love and commitment.


One piece that stood out for me was how I felt that my divorce actually whitewashed all of the good parts of my 16 year marriage, that somehow the marriage on a whole became a failure because it ended. But that really isn't true. There were so many good pieces - welcoming children, saying goodbye to loved ones, new jobs, school, parenting our kids, getting through difficult times with the health of our children together. Reframing the 'ending as an ending' instead as of failure or death - there is so much room for healing and closure for everyone involved. {I'm sure that my understanding is limited and there is so much more that I missed or interpreted in my own way. But as my immediate reflection, this is where I'm at right now.}

The second piece was the discussion of how we have a whole generation of men being raised by single mothers as primary caregivers. The simple discussion around the diner table changes when the head of the table is a woman. Not better or worse, just a different learning environment as women and men communicate so differently. And this becomes a classroom for how conversations go between mothers and children and eventually our grown children and their partners.

Anyway, I was happy to invest the time in this particular conversation. Maybe you will find some nuggets for your own relationship.