The Sunday Sessions: 5th Edition! Interviews With Inspiring Women IN and Around Leamington Essex County

Sometimes, ideas and inspirations get lodged way back behind all of the 'to dos' and the messes. Our souls need movement. For me, my ideas seem to come while on a walk, the pounding of my feet like a meditation of sorts numbing the day to day worries, allowing my daydreaming to take over. 

This summer, while on one of these meditative journeys, it dawned on me. I was frustrated with the status quo. My work with photography felt a little stuck, and the conversations with other creatives seemed to be on one of those hamster wheels. The same themes running their way through conversations about value and time and maybe sometimes feeling voiceless in our dreams for our work and our lives. 

This is how 'The Sunday Series' was born. It dawned on me that there could be a space created for sharing, a space created for inspiring and a space created for a change in this conversation. 

If you are like me, a creative, a dreamer, a seeker and maybe a little lost - this might me the inspirational conversation that brings a little shift to your week. The conversation that reminds you that anything is possible.


A few years ago, I took my very first weekend off from mothering and headed out to Total Recall on Pelee Island.   The island is a place where time moves more slowly and friendships are formed over quiet conversations and fits of laughter.  If my memory serves me, this is where I first met this month's Sunday Session feature, Sue Rice.

There are so many layers to Sue, and her life story so far is one that demonstrates tenacity, hard work, bravery and love. I am grateful to have her as part of this Interview Series - grab a cup of tea and ENJOY!

Meet Sue Rice!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your work, education, what you're up to these days.

I’m 45 (closer to 46) 
I am life and university educated
I work as a freelance writer and with Ian Murray Insurance and Financial Services in Community Marketing (we are still working on my title)
*Don't let the nonchalant tone of freelance writer fool you! Sue had a byline with the National Post recently! 

Recently Sue has switched gears from the corporate world to one of following her heart. And with this change has come her new web page The Radiant Alchemist. In Sue's own words, here is how she describes what it's all about.

My name is Sue and I am a practitioner of Radiant Alchemy.   I pursue this path with devotional freedom and the creative peace of thoughts and actions in harmony devoid of drama.  My tools are laughter, discovery and compassion. I embrace this mission with gentle fierceness.

I am my soul’s advocate; an opportunity maker – the point of ignition; a social harmonist; an environmental beautification specialist; and a play-real poster child.

I adore my fiancé, the fur babe, red lipstick,  sunny days with big blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds waiting to be identified, peonies, working out the wiggles with a kitchen dance party, a great worn in pair of boots, omm-ing, devising names and outfits for my alter egos, creating positivity and beauty of any and all kind, gliding on my longboard,  and watching people ignite their own light.

The way I see it, we are all conduits here. When we shine our light as bright as we can, it helps others see the way to get boogying on their own path. What a great win-win.

2. What are some of the life events that have brought you to where you are today? What have these challenges taught you?

I look at life challenges as lessons being presented to learn from. For me, life events that have been some of my greatest teachers are living on my own and supporting myself in high school, celiac disease both pre and post diagnosis, the loss of many loved ones.

From these and a multitude more teachers, I have learned to breathe. To take one situation at a time, in that moment.  I have learned that laughter is one of my best medicines. I have learned that years later you look back and understand the significance of things so don’t always try to figure it out in the moment, just work through it.

3. You have started a new project - I like to think of these types of projects as heart and soul projects - why did you start the Radiant Alchemist? who are you hoping to reach and what are your goals for this project? 

The Radiant Alchemist is most definitely a heart and soul project. My purpose with this project is to assist people create a connection to themselves.

I don’t think the heart and soul have any other goals then to connect with themselves and others heart’s and soul’s

(Sue's creative space is filled with meaningful art, writing, crafting supplies, books and pictures. Every object has a story or a memory.)

4. Nutrition and self care are paramount for a person living with celiac or really any life altering health issue - can you speak to this? How have you developed your self care over time?

Self-care is a rollercoaster of learning. Some days are up, some are down. I think the best lesson is self-care is accepting that fact and knowing that you need to take one moment at a time. Don’t say “I’m going to drink 10 glasses of water today”. Instead say  “I am going to drink a glass of water now.”

Sue has had to advocate and educate herself through on her journey. You can find valuable information on her web site under the Southern Belle Celiac link.

Not only is Sue pursuing her own dreams, but she is involved in helping others with theirs. She gives back to the community as often as she can. Sue has published a book to raise funds for the Allie Sunshine project filled with beautiful imagery and memories from Pelee Island.

What thoughts/advice can you give others going through major life hiccups?

Laying a strong foundation is the first step. This takes a bit of sweat and tears but it, in my humble opinion, is the only way to make it through those hiccups.

(Sue is a musician and performer)

That foundation should include healthy eating habits (most of the time), having your big girl paperwork in order, and knowing yourself enough to know what soothes your soul such as getting enough sleep, being outside, a hot bath or a good book. 

5.Recently, you spoke at the latest LIFT event, as a follow up to your first LIFT talk two years ago.  I feel so blessed to have been there to hear your first and second talks. Thank you!

"The world doesn't need superheroes. The world needs us to be brave, and to fear less."

"There is not much more beautiful than a room full of women who are conscious, listening and ready to set the world on fire with their light. I am so humbled and honoured that I was able to be a part of it."

If you click here you will be taken to Sue's  summery/follow up.
Lucky us - she also did a YouTube post from the RED COUCH.

(the RED COUCH!)

And finally, 

7. Future plans? Daydreams about where you would love to land?

No plans of ever landing, I dream I can fly. 
I don’t know where tomorrow will take me, and that is ok. My little mind isn’t capable of conjuring up that much magic. I prefer to leave the planning up to the universe. 

(Sue is an artist, a collector of memories with each corner in her space beautifully decorated)

As I spent the afternoon compiling this post, it struck me how much of what Sue does, is for others. She writes, inspires, shares her knowledge of celiac issues and resources and she does this all from true Spirit of Gratitude. Thank you so much for spending time with me, Sue. I love working with you on the other side of my camera and I also love just being in conversation with you.

Before we sign off - there is one more place to find Sue!  She has started up an Etsy shop.
  You can find her inspirational magnets there! 


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