Three Part Series of Studio Workshops || Section One || Organizing your Existing Pictures

A three part series on sorting, creating and taking better images for collecting and preserving your lifetime of memories.
Studio Workshop One we'll be learning practical tips and skills for organizing and backing up your current collection of images sitting on your computer. Sounds tedious - but once you get these systems in place - you'll be ready for the second Studio Workshop!!
Studio Workshop Two will focus around creating beautiful albums and other keepsakes with your images. Wouldn't it be nice to not feel guilty or overwhelmed with the task of showcasing your family vacations and birthday parties and camping pictures? Getting your images OFF of your computer so you can share your memories - it's actually a lot of fun!

In Studio Workshop Three we will head out on one of the popular Walk N Learns to learn tips and tricks to taking better pictures. Which you will now know how to sort through and how to create a beautiful album or other creative projects with!
For now - here's the info for the first of three workshops. You are welcome to join in on one or more! For details on the special rate if joining all three workshops - send Lee-Ann an email at