Welcome 2017!

It happened, another year is well on its way, and it feels like I barely blinked. How about you? Did you get a chance to soak in all of the wonderful that happened in your life in 2016? Did you sit down and write your New Year's resolutions? 

Well, every year I vow to work on my home, my fitness, by business. However, I tend to spend January in a bit of a fog - my four children all have their Birthdays the week of December 24. They are home for a couple of weeks getting under one another's skin, they are restless. Then school starts up and for some reason, each of them starts sharing their colds and flu with one another! 

Add in the odd snow day - like today's - and it starts to feel a bit like there will never be another full work day in my office again. It can be disheartening. But like any artist who thinks deeply and feels deeply, and who self-examines as much as I do, in the back of my mind there is always a wheel turning, ideas brewing. I never stop thinking about locations and light and all that comes with running a business.

It may look like there's not much going on, it may look like the papers on my desk just keep getting shuffled and re-shuffled. My calls and emails aren't getting back as quickly as I like to my clients. BUT I assure you, work is being done! And eventually, all of the children will be back in school and healthy and full work days will resume.

2017 is going to be a year of change, and of growth and of exploring all that comes with pushing together the roles of mother and of businesswoman/creative force that wants to show up with full energy every single day. 

My kids are growing up, looking to University, writing their first set of high school exams, driving, and part-time jobs. They are trying out for and making teams, they want to explore their world and go places and see things.

The balance between being a mom and being a business woman is real. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

So 2017 - Ginger Snaps! will be offering some really cool new sessions, we will be showcasing work that isn't like the trendy stuff floating around Pinterest, we will be striving to create stronger imagery, stronger customer relationships, and of course, having some fun doing it all!

If we have worked together in the past, please know that I would love to work with you again - and I would love for you to pass my name along when you hear of someone looking for a professional photographer. I love working, I love meeting new people, I love showing you what I see through my lens - beauty, love, connection, art.

Looking forward to a productive and full new year - talk to you soon!